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Civic Ecology
Sub Title: Adaptation and Transformation from the Ground Up
By (author): Marianne E. Krasny, Keith G. Tidball
ISBN 13 :  9780262327152
Great Principles of Computing
By (author): Peter J. Denning, Craig H. Martell, Vint Cerf
ISBN 13 :  9780262324250
Developmental Robotics
Sub Title: From Babies to Robots
By (author): Angelo Cangelosi, Matthew Schlesinger, Linda B. Smith
ISBN 13 :  9780262325288
The Gameful World
Sub Title: Approaches, Issues, Applications
By (author): Steffen P. Walz, Sebastian Deterding
ISBN 13 :  9780262325707
Aspects of the Theory of Syntax
By (author): Noam Chomsky
ISBN 13 :  9780262327787