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Adjusted Margin
Sub Title: Xerography, Art, and Activism in the Late Twentieth Century
By (author): Kate Eichhorn
ISBN 13 :  9780262334327
Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
Sub Title: With Application to Understanding Data
By (author): John V. Guttag
ISBN 13 :  9780262337380
Sub Title: Architectural Meaning after the Crisis of Modern Science
By (author): Alberto Pérez-Gómez
ISBN 13 :  9780262333313
I Love Dick
By (author): Chris Kraus, Eileen Myles, Joan Hawkins
ISBN 13 :  9781584351917
Applied State Estimation and Association
By (author): Chaw-Bing Chang, Keh-Ping Dunn
ISBN 13 :  9780262335058