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Sub Title: Remote Control Warfare
By (author): Hugh Gusterson
ISBN 13 :  9780262334358
Screen Ecologies
Sub Title: Art, Media, and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region
By (author): Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink, Kristen Sharp, Linda Williams
ISBN 13 :  9780262334006
Connectedness and Contagion
Sub Title: Protecting the Financial System from Panics
By (author): Hal S. Scott
ISBN 13 :  9780262332149
Progress and Confusion
Sub Title: The State of Macroeconomic Policy
By (author): Olivier Blanchard, Raghuram Rajan, Kenneth Rogoff, Lawrence H. Summers
ISBN 13 :  9780262333436
Winning the Reputation Game
Sub Title: Creating Stakeholder Value and Competitive Advantage
By (author): Grahame R. Dowling
ISBN 13 :  9780262335072