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Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics
Sub Title: Algorithms, Worked Examples, and Case Studies
By (author): John D. Kelleher, Brian Mac Namee, Aoife D'Arcy
ISBN 13 :  9780262331722
European Climate Leadership in Question
Sub Title: Policies toward China and India
By (author): Diarmuid Torney
ISBN 13 :  9780262329613
The Little Prover
By (author): Daniel P. Friedman, Carl Eastlund, Duane Bibby, J. Strother Moore, Matthias Felleisen
ISBN 13 :  9780262330558
Peripheral Vision
Sub Title: Bell Labs, the S-C 4020, and the Origins of Computer Art
By (author): Zabet Patterson
ISBN 13 :  9780262330053
Thinking about Oneself
Sub Title: From Nonconceptual Content to the Concept of a Self
By (author): Kristina Musholt
ISBN 13 :  9780262329750